In Home Ironing

We offer a choice of ‘In Home Ironing’ separately or in conjunction with cleaning.

Party Help & After Party Cleaning

Types of duties:

– Circulating platters of food
– Keeping dishes, glasses and cutlery washed and ready to be re-used
– Ensuring the kitchen is kept clean as the party continues so that sinks and benches are kept free for continued food preparation

We all know what a rush it is before the guests arrive..

We will ensure you enjoy your own party. Whether its setting up / serving food / cleaning up. Leave it to us.
It can be very difficult and stressful to ensure everyone’s plate and glass if full, the kitchen is staying clear of dirty dishes, and try to be present for your guests all at the same time. An extra pair of hands can make all the difference to the success of your party – and even allow you to fall into bed without having to do hours of washing up after the last guest departs.

Ensuring at end of the party, there is minimum, if any, cleaning up in the kitchen for the host.

Moving House Cleaning

Moving into and out of houses is exhausting and stressful so why not alleviate some of the stress.

We can clean up the mess that is exposed once all the furniture is out, wipe out the cupboards / clean the oven / wipe finger marks off walls, remove marks on skirting boards / remove cobwebs etc.

We can even help you unpack.

*Please note although it may seem easier & faster to clean a property once it has been vacated, it actually takes longer. Once all the furniture is out, the dust , dirt and cobwebs are all exposed.

Moving can be stressful enough without having to worry about cleaning up! Take advantage of Totally Bright’s Moving Out Cleaning service!

Office Cleaning

We clean for many small businesses. We can use your cleaning equipment or our own. Business clients are invoiced on a monthly basis.

You will have the same person on a regular basis. We can arrange for these cleans to be done before, after or during business hours, which ever is more convenient.

We can provide office cleaning daily, weekly or monthly

We do the work while you concentrate on maintaining a profitable and successful business. Whether you require daily office cleaning services, weekly office cleaning or monthly office cleaning, we will create an office cleaning program catering specifically to your business needs.