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6 Red Flags of a Poor House Cleaning Service

House Cleaning Services - How to Choose the Right One

It’s sad, but it’s true: several house cleaning services are out there trying to make a quick buck at your expense. In reality, it is one of the primary reasons why homeowners fail to reap the many benefits of hiring a reputable house cleaning service.

When people don’t know how to choose a reputable maid service, they often abandon the notion entirely. If you find yourself in the same situation, we are here to help. The trick to avoiding hiring a poor home cleaning service is to recognise the warning signs. What exactly are these red flags you should be on the lookout for? Continue reading to find out.

1. Very Low Rates

We are all aware that both reliability and quality comes at a cost. This is not to suggest that cheap house cleaning firms cannot be trusted; but, if a business offers you a ridiculously low price for their services, odds are they have ulterior motives. It’s frightening to think that these ridiculously low prices could be their means of gaining access to your home in order to rob valuable items or, worse, hurt you.

Startup cleaning companies, on the other hand, aim to sell their services at drastically reduced prices in order to attract revenue and, as a result, the confidence of their customers. As a result, it is not fair to label all low-cost house cleaning services as untrustworthy; rather, take it as a warning sign, do your homework, and then make your final decision. Without conducting a detailed background search on the maid service in question, it is impossible to draw conclusions about the business’s credibility and honesty.

2. They have not been registered.

Legitimate cleaning companies are required by state law to be licenced and to pay taxes. Unregistered home cleaning services, on the other hand, are free to do whatever they want to maximise income by avoiding taxes. Such illegal activities are the first indication that you are working with individuals who lack credibility.
Furthermore, since the company or house cleaner is not a licenced business, it is difficult to keep them responsible in the event of fraud or injury. In this situation, responsibility is quickly diverted to the client, who chose to use an unregistered maid service at their own risk. Before proceeding with any recruiting process, request evidence of identification to insure that the cleaning business is legal and operating in accordance with state laws.

3. Their house cleaners aren't insured.

Unexpected circumstances must be factored in when employing a professional house cleaning service. These may take the form of actual or unintentional injury to the homeowners incurred by the house cleaner, or vice versa. As a result, all parties must be covered in the event of an accident or, in the case of the landlord, burglary, fraud, or property destruction.

House cleaners must be insured and bonded for this and other reasons. It is also necessary to remember that these policies must be updated yearly, so homeowners can request evidence that the house cleaners are properly insured. Simply put, house cleaners that aren’t licenced or bonded by the cleaning company should be avoided at all costs! This is a massive red flag that can not be overlooked when searching for a trustworthy and dependable home cleaning service.

4. They have not been equipped with appropriate cleaning tools and products.

A professional cleaning service is well-prepared; a great one is well-equipped with high-end cleaning equipment and a large selection of high-quality cleaning materials. Of necessity, certain clients request that the house cleaner use their equipment and materials, which they may have chosen based on their personal preferences. Some households, for example, choose to use only items with specific fragrances and/or non-toxic cleaning products. However, m ost professional cleaning services, on the other hand, invest in various forms of cleaning equipment and supplies to insure that they are well equipped to do any house cleaning job.

Getting such spotless cleaning results is difficult without the use of specialised equipment and high-quality cleaning materials. Unfortunately, companies trying to save money will not buy their own equipment/cleaning products, and will instead blame the homeowner’s lack of professional appliances and cleaning supplies on poor cleaning results. It’s a tried-and-true way for poor house cleaning services to get away with substandard cleaning results while still being paid for their “efforts.” When comparing various home cleaning services in your area, bear this warning sign in mind.

5. Cleaners Have Not Been Vetted

You must be certain that the experienced cleaner who will be visiting your home is someone you can fully trust. After all, this person will be entering every room in your house, whether or not you are there. Reputable home cleaning services prioritise the welfare and wellbeing of their clients as well as their homes, and as a result, they hire fair and trustworthy house cleaners. To accomplish this, each cleaner is thoroughly background checked and always comes with glowing reviews.

If the cleaning company you are considering hiring recruits any Tom, Dick, or Harry to be a member of their cleaning staff, your family’s and home’s protection and security are potentially compromised. Aside from that, unvetted cleaners are normally novice or poorly trained, and therefore do not offer reliable service. So, only employ house cleaners who have undergone a thorough screening procedure and are professional and experienced in the cleaning industry.

6. The Company Makes Use Of Subcontractors

To understand why certain cleaning companies subcontract services to individual house cleaners or other companies, you must first understand how much time and resources it takes to run a full-service cleaning company. Investing in quality equipment and cleaning supplies, training house cleaners, acquiring insurance, paying taxes, and so forth are all examples of overhead costs.

On the flip side, when a cleaning company uses subcontractors, they cannot be held directly accountable for bad service, or are liable in the event of injury and/or theft. In fact, the business serves only as an advertiser, with the subcontractor doing all of the work. Clients that are unaware that a third party has been hired to clean their home run a risk of dealing with incompetent and unregistered house cleaners. That being said, if the company can confirm that the subcontractors are properly trained, insured, trustworthy, and so on, one can feel confident in hiring them.

Lastly don’t let the “bad” ones deter you from finding a great house cleaning service. All you have to do is avoid maid services with major red flags and give the green light to a respectable and trusted cleaning company!

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